Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing and Brightening Eye Base - Eye Primer

Yet another day and I'm standing in Boots after being handed a 7.50euro off voucher for No. 7 and I haven't a clue what to buy. So far in the last few weeks I've gotten from No. 7 - 3 nail polishes - each one of them more crap than the next, a cuticle cream which was a bit blah, an eyebrow pencil for brown/black hair - this one is a red orangey pencil which would only be flattering on someone with roaring red hair!!! and a lip gloss that's like wallpaper paste. All in all I 'm not a great fan of their makeup..its a bit shite for what it costs.
 But regardless of how shite they are I wasn't leaving without some little piece of free makeup or relatively cheaper makeup. I was just about to grab a horrible black eye pencil to use up the voucher when this little bad boy caught my eye.
Its called the ' Stay Perfect Smoothing and Brightening Eye Base' and I LOVE this eyelid primer. To me its a creamier dupe of MAC Painterly Paint Pot at half the price.

Because of the pigment in this the product it helps to hide veins and dark spots as well as being a lovely base to pack your eye shadows onto. It really helps intensify the colour and in my experience it helps prevent the shadows creasing. This is also lovely to wear on its own with just a flick of eyeliner and some mascara as it really does brighten up the eye.
When I first got this, it creased on me badly because I applied too much so the trick with this product is to use it sparingly. It comes with a sponge tip applicator but you would do better tossing that and using other means of applying it like with your finger tip or a brush.
It cost 10.50euro so I just had to give 3 bucks for this with the voucher and since I got it I've used it everyday. Because this sucker is so creamy I don't think it would be great if you had very oily lids.