Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fake MAC time

Hi girls,

I'm getting so many emails and messages again asking me to check if products they are buying off people on Facebook are real or not.

100% of the time this stuff is crap and dangerous. The products or brush bristles are full of dye and god only knows what else. I have a client who was left with a scar on her eye after using a fake MAC eyeshadow. It burnt her eye so bad, it scarred and she was on medication for weeks. Please please only buy from Brown Thomas in Ireland. There is no where else that it's genuine. Here's a few pics of some of the crap that's being sold. This picture below is the same set I bought years ago when I first started makeup and the black dye of the brushes stained my face for days. Please stay away from these especially at Christmas markets and events.

Face mask time

I braved the snail mask..this mask is snail extract!! You apply the serum over your face and then lay the hydrating mask over for 20 mins. My skin felt brilliant after it..not gonna lie I was feeling a bit pukey half way through knowing I had snail arse juice on my 
I got it from Cassidy's pharmacy from the lovely's only €1.99..I dare you try it