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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Primark Cotton Wool

Hey everyone......I just have a little post, I know its a shitty post but I just wanted to vent to you. Last week while buying more crap from Penney's I picked up a double pack of cotton wool pads, thinking I was getting a great bargain for just 1 euro.

Boy was I bloody wrong. They are absolutely crap. They fall apart at the lightest touch and leave horrible stringy bits of cotton wool all over your face. All the fluff sticks to your eyelashes and eyebrows and removes NO makeup. On top of that they seem to have little flecks of wood!! or something in them that took a lovely chunk of skin off my eyelid......

My advice to all of ye is by pass the bas***ds and pay the extra euro for proper cotton wool....

Now rant over..I must go and rub vaseline into my poor eyeball...xxxx

pic stolen from Google images..xx

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review - Rimmell Lash Accelerator Mascara

Sorry everyone - Another mascara review....I'm gone a little obsessed!!

I really wanted to like this mascara. I love Rimmel and have always had a great experience with their products and the fact that this had a lash accelerator and wasn't too expensive got me really excited about this.
I have read so many reviews on this mascara and the results are half and half, people either hate it or absolutely love it!!
For this review I have done something a little different, I got my poor momma to be the guinea pig. My eyes have gotten very sensitive at the minute, probably from constantly trying so many products, so I have been sticking to my trusty Boujois Mascara for sensitive eyes. My mum was saying she wanted to try something different so I picked this bad boy out for her to try. She was looking for all the things this mascara was offering, a thin wand as she has short lashes and the promise of new longer fuller healthier lashes.

This is how Rimmel describe it...
Lash Accelerator Mascara is our first mascara that actually helps to promote the natural growth of beautifully long, remarkably strong lashes. Instantly, your lashes look up to 80% longer, but then after 30 days of continued use, they’ll appear up to 117% longer! Our exclusive GROW-LASH complex, features Procapil® which works to strengthen lashes’ roots and also contains natural lash enhancing ingredients such as, biotin, keratin, and bamboo extract which help to reinforce, restore and moisturize your lashes.
After reading this I was expecting momma to have Kim Kardashian's eyelashes but unfortunately this didn't happen. She wasn't too impressed and let me know she would never buy this again - whoooopsies.
Now first off though, she did like the wand, found it very easy to use and she really liked how the bristles were distributed. However, she found that the formula was too watery and it took FOREVER to dry. Throughout the day, it kept on bleeding through her under eye area as well, leaving her with panda eyes. She also thought it felt very heavy on her lashes. This was discarded and binned after about 2 weeks so I never got to find out if it would have made her lashes grow thicker or stronger.

Overall, this was not worth the 10 to 11 euro spent on it and it definitely does not do what it says on the tin.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Magazine Freebies March 2012

Every couple of months I break my magazine ban and go a bit gaga and buy a few magazines purely for their excellent selection of freebies. And I never, ever read the bloody things just throw them out. Here's the 2 magazines I picked up this week with some juicy freebies

Firstly, check out this month's Glamour magazine, which includes a 100ml tube of hair conditioner by the brand Percy of Reed

Here's how it is described: "This bottle is packed with moisturising marvels. Blueberry extract, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and aloe vera gel all combine quite beautifully to hydrate and deeply nourish your hair."
I'd never heard of the brand Percy & Reed, until this week and have to say it is a lully conditioner, my fuzzy hair felt and looked shiny and soft after this.
The second magazine I bought this week was Elle, purely because of the freebie, which is the Soap and Glory Mascara.

The Mascara itself is 14.00euro to buy in Boots so I got a good bargain in this one. I've been so impressed so far with their makeup so love getting to try more of their products. The mascara itself is a very natural black mascara that has a glossy finish. Defo a good one to get for free in a magazine as it doesn't harden the lashes and doesn't flake but not good enough to repurchase I think. I'll keep trying it and see do I change my mind....

Thick & Fast™ Mascara