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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Poundshop Purchases

Wait until you here of my hero purchases of the week....And the best thing about them is that they cost only €1.50 each.

Aragan Oil is everywhere at the minute and the Euro Giant shop has a large range of their products from haircare to skincare. I picked up their Hair Treatment Mask and their Night Repair Serum. 

I'm just in love with both of them. The mask is your straight forward nourishing treatment that leaves your hair so soft and shiny. A must for this time of the year to help the frizzy bits.

Next up is the amazing serum, which looks like a complete copy of the Estee Lauder Repair Night Cream.
This serum I am practically bathing in. Normally with serums, I would use them sparingly as they are usually so expensive. One of my brides to be (thanks Ciara), gave me my first bottle of this to try and 2 months later I'm now on my third. I am smathering this on my face and neck morning and night and I am really starting to see a difference in how my makeup is sitting.

Time to get the coppers out girls and hit the pound shops..xx

Friday, October 17, 2014

NYX - My Top 5 Products

I wanted to do a post about the newest drugstore makeup brand to have landed in Ireland, called NYX. Like all brands there are some standout products and some products that are a complete waste of money. 
I've gone a bit crazy in the past few weeks and I've collected a good few of their products. Hopefully this will help anyone that's not too sure where to start when they start seeing these stands in chemists. For anyone living in Clare, the chemist back in Kilkee stock it and I've heard the chemist in the grove is getting it but I still haven't seen it in there.

Here is a Long list of some of my favourite products.

NO. 1 - Lip Products
I am so impressed with all things lips with this brand. I could list so many but I'll stick to just 3 favourite lip glosses and lipsticks. My 3 favourite lipsticks are from the Matte collection. The first is the red below which is called Indie Flick, which is a great bright orange red. This is considered a dupe for MAC Lady Danger. The middle is my favourite called Euro Trash is a brown/pink shade. A dark natural colour. It reminds of the 'Kylie Jenner' shade everyone is lusting after. The last shade is called Tea Rose which is a dark mauve colour with a hint of pink. It gives a pop of colour without being too over the top. All three would be perfect shades for this time of the year.

My 3 favourite butter glosses are Maple Blondie, Vanilla Cream Pie and Strawberry Parfait. I just love the texture of these, lovely and pigmented and not at all sticky. They are also so hydrating.
I'll eventually end up buying them all for my kit.

NO 2.

Next up on the list is the HD concealers €6.99each. These beauty's are so brightening for the oulde eye bags and are brilliant for covering spots or other imperfections. I love the yellow shade and 06 - Glow. They are very high coverage so they can be a bit drying if you suffer with fine lines. I always make sure I've applied eye cream before these and stops it looking dry. There are 8 different shades and 3 different correctors. I will also more than likely collect all of them for my kit they are so

NO. 3

These babies are just the best value. They are only €7:49 and they are so buttery and soft and pigmented. My fave out of these is Peach,Angel and Taupe. The Peach blush is actually not a peach shade. It gives a pinky flush to the cheeks and has no orange or coral tone to it. Angel is just the perfect soft shade if you want an everyday blush, great for any look or for someone who is afraid of blusher or is very pale. I particularly like this if I'm going for a smokey eye or red lip and not too sure which blush to go with.
And then lastly is their most talked about shade, Taupe. This is an all round shade. It can be used as blush, as a contour powder and also as an eyeshadow. It is such a wearable shade and the kind of contour shade that's not too obvious. If you have olive or very tanned skin I would stay away from this as it will look too ashy.

NO. 4

Next up is their Jumbo Eye Pencils

I've 3 of these, Milk, black bean and dark brown..I love these as eyeshadow bases. I  smudge them all over my lid and they act as a base or primer for eye shadows or pigments and make eyeshadow colours much more vibrant. I wouldn't recommend these for the waterline as I find they smudge very easily under the eye and you'll look like a raccoon after a few hours.

NO 5.

NYX Matte setting spray

This is a great lightweight spray which I find really does help keep shine at bay. I apply this before and after my makeup. It also comes in a dewy finish for anyone that likes that finish. This is brilliant to keep your makeup in place and keeps you skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

I hope this helps, talk soon