Friday, May 30, 2014

Review - Bronze Leaf Spray Tan

Hey girls,
I just wanted to share a new tan I tried at the weekend, at The Beautique Ennis. For the last two years I have always gotten the Rock Tan Spray Tan here and loved it,  but unfortunately it would be a right messy b**ch to get off. Id look fab for two days and then a scummy mess for a week until I finally scrubbed it off.
This tan, Bronze Leaf has the same golden finish but is lasting brilliantly. It is exactly 7 days after my spray tan and people are still asking me what tan I'm wearing. I have exfoliated lightly and moisturised all week and is fading brilliantly. It dries straight away and it was flawless. I had no white patches or messy bits. Alot of this is down to the high quality of the tan but also Emer who applied it. She is a perfectionist and just brilliant at applying tan. This tan would be fantastic to get before a sun holiday.
The great thing about this tan is that they have three different levels to choose from. They have a light, medium and dark.
The light is for those with fair skin who are just looking for a glow. The medium is the most popular shade as it is a safe golden shade, not too dark or light. And then finally the dark shade, this is best suited to anyone with a darker skin tone or someone looking a darker richer colour. This shade will last the longest.
I of course went for the dark shade, nothing like a bit of brown to make the lumps look better. This was really dark but not orange, more of a deeper golden shade. Normal girls will love the medium shade but the darker the better for
Also the lightest shade is marketed to suit brides and is perfect just to give a light wash of colour which will be perfect for brides nervous of  having marks or looking obviously tanned.

The tan itself is organic and contains exotic botanical extracts. Aloe Vera has anti-ageing properties which help tone and firm the skin. Lemon peel extract is a natural astringent and Macadamia oil has long been valued for its ability to protect , soothe and condition the skin. Whats more all their products are paraben and alcohol free and is widely popular for sufferers of eczema and rocacea as it doesn't cause flares ups.
This is defo one to try girls..Happy tanning....xx

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Some blahhh products

Hey girls,
I just wanted to share with you a few bits that I've been trying out and have found them to be just crap and so not worth buying.

The first one is Maybelline Rocket Mascara
This does give you big black lashes but it flakes and makes your lashes so hard. I found I lost so many lashes the few weeks I was trying it out.  I think I paid around €12 each for them. I bought the regular and the waterproof mascara and both gave the same problems. They both went to the bin.

Maybelline Fit Me concealer
Now this product was just no good for me personally -as I'm an old hag with big bags that you could sleep in. This is a lovely light brightening concealer but no good whatsoever for covering bags or spots.
This would be good for young girls that just what to brighten up their undereye area. I'm using it at the moment as a highlight over my normal concealer just to  use it up, but will never repurchase.

And finally Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Eyeliner...
This was by far the biggest let down . I love Rimmel but this was just useless. I've used it for 2 weeks and it's already drying up. The pen itself is almost like an ink pen, hard to hold and not very easy to get a definite line. I find it is way too small and the quality of the product itself is very poor. You have to keep going over to get a really black line and after a few hours it fades to almost nothing, especially if you have a flick. Save the bucks for something else girls..this is a major fail. 
Hope this helps..xx