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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Favourite Tanning Products

Best Priced Tan :

St. Moritz Tan

This has to be one of the best priced tans out there. It' s a very easy tan to use. It gives a natural light golden colour as opposed to an orange colour that alot of tans give off. I am not the neatest of fake tan appliers - I tend to slap it on and go. This tan works for me because I always wake up with an even streak free tan. It also doesn't have an overpowering smell and doesn't stain sheets (or babies..many a night I've turned danny murphy into a mini oompa loompa). The best way to get the most out of this tan or really any tan is to exfoliate prior to applying the tan as this will remove any dead skin cells and allow you to get a even smooth tan. The only downside to this tan is that it is pretty drying to the skin and fades patchy. But for 4.99euro for a massive bottle you can't go wrong.

Best Luxury Tan:

St. Tropez:

This is my go to tan for a night out. It gives a fabulous skin kissed colour and a streak free finish. Its that bit darker than the St. Moritz. I always use the Mousse with a mitt and it goes on smoothly. Its also nice if your looking a bit pasty, to just put a pump of the mousse on a cotton wool pad and blend into your face at night. You wake up with a really nice, natural glow.

Best Spray Tan:

Rockstar Tan:

I recently had this tan done for a wedding. I had it done in The Beautique, in Ennis. I couldn't believe how mess free this tan was. It drys almost instantly, you could go back to work after having this done(if you don't mind being in work without a bra Its organic and the colour is gorgeous. Its so natural and I think this is really suited to pale irish skins. Definetly one to try. For details on this tan contact The Beautique at 0656864020 or visit their website at

Monday, September 20, 2010

Favourite Bronzer....

An all around good bronzer/contour product is Benefit Hoola.

It goes on smoothly and evenly and is the most natural bronzer I have ever used. I would be a lot paler in the winter and this bronzer manages to make me look healthy and bright without being orange. It looks natural on the palest of skins, especially good for us pale isish coleens. Its completely matte, no sparkles, long lasting, can build up easily, and there is so much product it seems never ending.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whats the best eyeshadow for you..???
Best colours for:
Blue Eyes:

: Browns, greys, golds, rusty peaches or plum colours. Use colours 2 shades darker than your eye colour.

Good MAC colours for blue eyes......

Naked Lunch all over the lid (this is a pinky champagne colour).
I'd use Twinks ( a deep plum brown) or Sable which is great in your outer V or crease. I'd use Vanilla as a highlight. For a black smokey look I'd use Black Tied or Typographic.
For a smokey eye with colour I like Humid or Sketch as greens and purple which make blue eyes pop.

Brown Eyes:

: Purples,pinks, blues, greys, golds and browns. This is really one of the best eyecolours as you can get away with most colours.

Good MAC colours for Brown Eyes:

I love All that Glitters on the lid, then Mac Expresso in the crease. (Mac Expresso us a good matt brown shade. You can use it as a liner, shadow and brow filler).
For night you can go for a very strong smokey purple or blue eye. I love woodwinked all over lid then blended out, and also on the lower lash line, Expresso in the crease and along lower lash line also.

Green Eyes:

: Gold, dark greens,purples, peach, bronze, lilacs and medium pinks.

Good MAC colours for Green Eyes:
Amber Lights all over the lid and star violet in the crease. Good purple colours are, Trax, Nocturnelle and Star Violet. Good Brown/ Gold colours are wookwinked, Satin Taupe, Antiqued and coppering.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Tinted moisturizers can really vary in coverage. A good fitting tinted moisturizer should offer enough coverage to even out your complexion without appearing heavy on your skin. Here is a few of my favourite ones….xx

:Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF20

This is available in 9 different shades and is my all time favourite. It has sheer to medium coverage that is easy to build and very good for sensitive or acne prone. Definitely one to buy.

: Clinque Almost Make Up SPF15

This is great for sheer light coverage. Its oil free and gives a dewy natural finish. Great for young clear skin(for school). Also great under make-up for more coverage.

:Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm SPF20

This is very rich and hydrating, great for dry skin(not so good on oily). It comes in a lot of shades, which will work with most skin tones.
(note - There is a very strong fragrance when you open the jar but it does go away when you apply it)