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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Brow Beauties...x

Everyone lately wants big beautiful brows. Here's 3 of my favourite brow beauties that I have recently bought and love.


I have to say I love, love, love this kit. I have seen this pop up in a few you tube videos and kept meaning to get it. I finally dragged my ass to Ennistymon and bought it from Body Treats Salon. They are the only local salon close to me that sells the HD products and offer HD brows and after checking out their amazing brows I;m definitely gonna go back and get the hour long treatment. The palette itself costs €25.00, which is a little bit pricey but its so worth it in my opinion.

Because I prefer a more defined brow I bought the darkest palette in VAMP which is the palette for dark hair. There are three palettes available, Foxy, Bombshell and Vamp each one suited to different skin tones and hair colour. I will definitely go back to get the Bombshell Palette for my kit.

The brow kit comes in a snazzy black palette with four shadows, a small brush and good big mirror. These powders can also be used as eye shadows too, so perfect to take with you for travelling. You can create a natural look right up to a full on smokey eye with this. I find the powder itself a bit crumbly so always tap the brush before applying it so you don't get too much fall down. 

              NO. 2 MAYBELLINE BROW DRAMA 

This in a nutshell is mascara for the brows. This would be brilliant for anyone with unruly bows or also for older ladies that have grey coming through in their brows. It coats the brow hairs and hardens them so they stay in place.

This is fab on its own for a natural everyday brow or at night I love to use this to set my brows after I've used shadow or pencil to create a darker defined shape that doesn't budge. .
This is a handy thing to have in your makeup bag.


I rushed out and bought this when it was first released and was a bit pissed off as I thought it was just blahhhhh..and off down to the bottom of the makeup bag it went.

The next time I went into Inglot one of the girls explained that it's not your traditional brow pencil. It is designed specifically for brow shaping rather than precise strong colouring.
The pencil itself is a chunkier thicker pencil which is a soft waxy pencil. As I have light brows I find this doesn't give me enough definition. I run this over my brows to set them after I've used pencil or powder. It really does make them budge proof and gives a good shape without looking too over done. 
If you have thin or very sparse brows and your looking for something that does everything then this is not the product for you. 
This would be a brilliant product for someone that already has a strong brow and wants something quick that will perfect and define them in one sweep..x x

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Looks

Hey everyone..heres some halloween looks I attempted this week. I have no training in special effects makeup, just following youtube videos..
Happy Halloween....xx

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review - Dove Summer Glow

I love the idea of using tan but sometimes find them way too much work. I think I have found an easy, usable product to help give a light natural tan.
Let me introduce you to Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tan.
 I had used this type of product years ago when Dove and Johnson & Johnson first released them. They are a gradual moisturising tan and the memory of half of Ireland walking around with orange streaky legs had put me off ever looking at these products.
Luckily for me I was sent this to review from the lovely Fiona at Think House.
As I have a slight hint of blue off me at the minute, I was almost contemplating doing a course on the sun bed - just to take the corpse look of me...AND then along came this and I Love it. It took me only two applications to get an  even colour, a lovely subtle tan, and it left my skin so soft. It gives such a nice golden colour which is very buildable. On top of all this it's still a really good moisturiser. You just apply it in circular motions using your hands. I always use baby wipes to clean my palms and between the fingers. I apply it night and thankfully it doesn't stain your clothes or bed clothes and you wake up with a healtyy glow.
My tip for this product would be to keep applying it daily once you start using. I find when I don't apply everyday it fades quickly and then you gotta start scrubbing it off. I also like to use this after I've had a spray tan, just as its beginning to fade, you get way longer out of it..

This is only €6.49 and is a must have for all us pasty Irish girls. The colour I have is medium - dark.
Happy tanning girls....xxxx

Monday, May 13, 2013

My 2 beauty favourite bargains.x

Hey peoples,

I was going through my make up bag and I realised that I'm reaching for some cheaper brands to use in my everyday make up routine.
The quality has improved so much in drugstore brands and is sometimes as good, if not better than high end brands. Most people cannot afford to splash out on make up so I wanted to show you these beauties that won't break the bank.
These 2 products are must haves for moi..

No 1:
 Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent 001 cost €6:99

What I love about this, is that it keeps oils at bay for about 4-5 hours but it doesn't fully mattify the skin. It still lets some of the dewiness of the skin through. Some powders feel like you have a mask on but this is so light on and really does its job. Also this doesn't cake on the skin. I find it so like MAC Blot Powder. I have it in the shade Transparent 001 and would be a universal shade for all skin shades. I really want to try the other shades in this range.
The only downside to this product is that the packaging is bad. The lid is really flimsy and its a cheap plastic cover so if its left loose in your handbag, it probably will go everywhere.
I have gone through my second one of these, the first one was going so well until I stood on it one night after a whole lot of vodkas.

No 2:
Essence Sun Club Bronzer €3.49

This comes in 2 shades, one for Brunettes (dark skin tone) or one for Blondes (light skin tone)I'm always stopping by Essence when I go to Penney's and picking up some of their products to try out and I have picked up a good few products that are just downright brilliant for the price. This is a steal at €3.49 and is bloody huge. I bought this in the shade 02 Brunette.  
What I love about this, is that its matte. It goes on so smooth and doesn't give a dirty look, that a lot of cheaper bronzers can give. It has a lovely golden colour and works brilliantly on the body also.  I have this in my bag, my kit and my car, just in 

The only downside for some people is the smell. It smells of coconuts. I personally love it but I know a lot of people hate that smell. It reminds me of summer holidays... 


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bridal and Event Masterclass with Derrick Carberry

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to show ye a few pictures from a Bridal and Event Master class I attended last week with the amazing Derrick Carberry. It was a one day event,  held in the Peter Marks Style Club in Dublin. I loved it. There was only 6 of us on the course which was fantastic, as we got to have so much time with Derrick. He went through 2 looks throughout the day.
 Both looks went from a natural look, right up to a more dramatic look. It was such a relaxing day and I can honestly say it has helped my technique and understanding of make up. Derrick himself is so approachable and helpful and it was so fascinating to watch him work. His technique is just amazing. I would 100% recommend this course for someone looking for a refresher course in makeup or even for a bride hoping to do her own makeup.
 Time to start saving for my next course with him.
Checkout the pics below..x

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review -Inglot Cream Foundation

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't blogged in so long but I have had a lot going on and haven't had a chance to get near the laptop. This is just a quick review I've wanted to do for so long about a foundation I've been using constantly. My new fave is the Inglot Cream foundation.
The description from Inglot is as follows:


30 ML/1 US FL OZ

Sponge-like spheres, treated pigments
and breathable film formers allow this
long lasting, transfer resistant foundation
to blend perfectly without clogging pores.

This is listed as medium to a full coverage foundation (my old haggard head needs all the coverage I can get). When it first goes on it looks matte but after a little while it sinks in beautifully to the skin and has a very natural dewy finish...not in a shiny finish more a natural glow. It is definitely build able to full coverage. I use shade 24 without tan and 25 with tan. It lasts on me about 6 to 8 hours before I need a touch up and it would be fab for anyone with dry skin as it feels lovely and hydrating throughout the day. As I have combination skin I have to powder with this foundation.
This doesn't have an SPF so would be suitable for Bridal or if you know are having your photo taken. I think this is 24 euro and is defo worth the price. I use this in my kit and also have some in my personal makeup bag.

5 out of 5 for this bad boy