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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review - Dove Summer Glow

I love the idea of using tan but sometimes find them way too much work. I think I have found an easy, usable product to help give a light natural tan.
Let me introduce you to Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tan.
 I had used this type of product years ago when Dove and Johnson & Johnson first released them. They are a gradual moisturising tan and the memory of half of Ireland walking around with orange streaky legs had put me off ever looking at these products.
Luckily for me I was sent this to review from the lovely Fiona at Think House.
As I have a slight hint of blue off me at the minute, I was almost contemplating doing a course on the sun bed - just to take the corpse look of me...AND then along came this and I Love it. It took me only two applications to get an  even colour, a lovely subtle tan, and it left my skin so soft. It gives such a nice golden colour which is very buildable. On top of all this it's still a really good moisturiser. You just apply it in circular motions using your hands. I always use baby wipes to clean my palms and between the fingers. I apply it night and thankfully it doesn't stain your clothes or bed clothes and you wake up with a healtyy glow.
My tip for this product would be to keep applying it daily once you start using. I find when I don't apply everyday it fades quickly and then you gotta start scrubbing it off. I also like to use this after I've had a spray tan, just as its beginning to fade, you get way longer out of it..

This is only €6.49 and is a must have for all us pasty Irish girls. The colour I have is medium - dark.
Happy tanning girls....xxxx