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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review - Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara Review...

I bought this because I wear contact lenses and suffer from dry eyes which makes them really sensitive. Most of the mascara's I've been using lately have the hard plastic wand which are really beginning to irritate my eyes and by the end of the day my eyelashes feel all hard and spiky.
Because this mascara was for sensitive eyes I really thought it would be a crappy mascara that would barely look like you had any mascara on. But I was wrong.....It gives really black thick lashes. It doesn't make your lashes go crispy, and the best thing of all is that if you're touching up your make up later in the day, you can apply this on top of what's already on your lashes and it almost 're-wets' and softens the mascara so you can build it even more!

It is volumizing, makes my lashes thicker and longer too. It doesn't smudge or crumble underneath my eyes during the day. I can layer it and it doesn't clump. I also love the brush which isn't too big and surprisingly lightweight which means getting into the inner and outer corners is very easy.
I really feel like its improving the condition of my lashes too. I was using the Volume Million lashes mascara and while that one gives big va voom lashes it does dry them out and I was beginning to loose alot of lashes.
It costs 10.99euro in Boots and I will defo be buying this one again.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review - Kate Moss Lipsticks for Rimmel

I finally dragged myself to Boots to try out the much anticipated lipsticks from Rimmel designed by Kate Moss and I was not disappointed. The packaging of each tube is black with a matte finish and Kate's signature on the lid and they were only 6.49euro each.
The seven shades have been hand chosen by Kate herself and I wanted them all but would definitely be divorced if I landed out with a pile of lipsticks. The hubby stood outside the window with the snotty chile staring in the window of Boots watching me drooling over the eventually forced myself to pick just  2 to try out and wasn't disappointed.

I bought No. 3 a perfect not-too-pale nude and No. 5 a brighter pink shade. They were 6.49 each in Boots. I played it safe and picked No. 3 the nude colour to go with a nice smokey eye and the brighter pink colour no 5 to brighten up a natural eye. I made the mistake yesterday walking through Dunnes where I reached into my bag thinking I just had the No. 3 in there and generously smeared it all over my lips. Half an hour later driving home I nearly crashed the car I'd be smearing the bright pink No. 5 all over me puss, not a pretty sight. I looked like I was just let out for the day!!..the bloody shame...IThe lipsticks are highly pigmented and feel quite moisturising on the lips. I don't find them to be particularly long lasting like their supposed to. I found the longest they lasted was for about an hour but that doesn't really bother me. think I'll invest in the red and fushia shade...

I think for a makeup artist this whole collection would be a fab addition to your kit but for someone looking for just a lipstick for their own makeup bag No. 1 the red, and No. 3 the nude would definitely be worth investing