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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi everyone,
I had an amazing time at the IMATS in London. I went with Elaine from Blush Make Up Boutique in Galway and saw and met some amazing artists. We went to get some new stock and brands for Blush and I can't wait until she gets it all in to the shop. To see her gorgeous shop visit her website at

I haven't been to London in years, its amazing but soooo not me. I've never felt like such a fat frump in my life. Everyone is so funky, skinny and cool and there we were, 2 mammies trying to figure out tubes, dragging our suitcases behind us, waiting to be mugged (I've defo watched way to much CSI). We only found Alexandra Palace because we decided to follow people who looked like make up I spent a small fortune, picked up some brushes, makeup palettes, hit sleek makeup, guru makeup emporium, got a lully brush belt and lots of NYX products. We literally stopped at every stand and I definitely was in makeup's some pics of me and Elaine's adventure.....To see more pictures just look at my facebook page...!/pages/Hilda-Murphy-Make-Up-Artistry/134831316563355

Me and the lovey EnKore Makeup from youtube..he was so friendly and helpful...excuse the state of my head.....

Me and Elaine tipsy in London

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