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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Last weekend was my birthday..the big 33. I celebrated over 2 weekends and kept the weekend free of the my birthday to spend time with Danny boy and David. Here's a few pics of what i got up to.

all the girls
me and Emer...

Me and hubbie....
 Now to the good stuff.....The pressies....and hubbie spoilt me. He got me Womanity Perfume by Thierry Mulger-this is fab...I normally would wear Alien by Thierry Mulger, they are both so different but have a distinctive smell.
I got Dior Nude Skin Foundation, Dior Lipstick 649 - Rose Mythique and Dior Eyeshadows....x

AAAnd the one thing I've wanted for ages...A  ZUCA PRO CASE!!!!!..I  was like a child with at Christmas...For anyone buying a pro makeup case..this is the mother love love it!!! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Missus... Loving my new foundation and tinted moisturiser.... Oh the Supershock pencils are the business....Xxxx!