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Monday, November 12, 2012

Inglot Beauty Bloggers Event - Limerick

Hey Girls,
This week I attended a Blogger Event in Inglot Limerick, where they reviewed the upcoming products being released this week.
The first of these products, was the release of the New Rainbow Collection Eye shadows. All of these shadows have shimmer in them, but don't worry, it is very subtle. To look at them, they look full on glittery and sparkly but after being shown 2 demonstrations by the girls, I could see you can create gorgeous soft looks with all of the colours. I bought 3 of these and know I'm going to get so much use out of them.
They cost 8 euro each which is a brilliant price for 3 eye shadows.
For those of you that don't know Inglot,  they sell using a freedom palette system. The Inglot Freedom System offers a variety of empty palettes that you can fill with any of their Freedom System cosmetics (eye colors, lip colors, blushes, etc.). My kit is beginning to fill up with these bad boys.

The next thing they showed us, was the NEW 14 PIECE BRUSH SET!!!.. This is totally amazeballs. The brushes are fantastic quality and have absolutely every brush you would need including a handy case. This is perfect for a makeup artist or beautician starting out or even for anyone wanting brushes for their own use. They cost 150.00euro so that's only over 10 euro a brush and the quality of these is amazing. I have dropped so many hints that this is what for Christmas from's hoping he actually listens to me for a change.

Here's a list of what brushes are in this kit:
•Dense, soft and full, the largest brush is perfect for dusting powder over your entire look to give you the perfect matte finish.

•A full brush with a gentle angle makes it ideal for contouring, highlighting and sculpting your features to perfection.

•Soft eye shadow brush, perfect for blending your eye shadow to achieve the most professional look.

•Medium sized eye shadow brush uses stiffer hair for applying more colour to your skin, perfect for building up colour on the eye lid.

•Small lip brush with a rounded edge, allows you to blend your lip and lip liner colours smoothly whilst maintaining a crisp clean edge to your lip look.

•Brush to apply concealer on any area with talon fibres that ensure the cream does not stain the hair.

•Small fan brush has many uses including brushing away any excess eye shadow fallout from underneath the eye. This little tool is invaluable for a smokey eye.

•Small round domed brush is best used for smoking out that dramatic eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line.

•Small brush with the perfect density for applying liquid or gel eyeliner.

•Long lip brush is for applying colour to your lips.

•Fine haired liquid eyeliner brush makes the finest of lines the easiest to achieve. NYLON

•Dense large brush uses its blunt tip to apply generous amounts of product to the skin, ideal for applying blush colour to the apples of your cheeks for A fresh, youthful burst of colour.

•Foundation Brush with taklon bristles that makes it easy to apply your cream or liquid foundation for that flawless complexion. Your makeup is only ever as flawless as your foundation.

•Small angle brush can be used on lips, brows, eyes and even turns any of your powder eye shadows into a soft and subtle eyeliner.

:Also released are 5 new Metallic Nail Enamels each priced at €10 each. These will be fab for Christmas.

And Finally......The best bit..I got
This bit excited me the most. Normally you would receive leaflets about products and if you were lucky a small sample. But no Inglot do it in style. We received an eyeshadow, a lip glaze (---bloody yummy stuff, its a cross between lipstick and lip gloss, that lasts), a packet of their face wipes(which are just gorgeous and only 4 euro) a free nail polish and a free makeover.
On the night I bought a few bits -it would be rude not to, so I will have a series of reviews coming up from Inglot...

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