Sunday, October 26, 2014

Poundshop Purchases

Wait until you here of my hero purchases of the week....And the best thing about them is that they cost only €1.50 each.

Aragan Oil is everywhere at the minute and the Euro Giant shop has a large range of their products from haircare to skincare. I picked up their Hair Treatment Mask and their Night Repair Serum. 

I'm just in love with both of them. The mask is your straight forward nourishing treatment that leaves your hair so soft and shiny. A must for this time of the year to help the frizzy bits.

Next up is the amazing serum, which looks like a complete copy of the Estee Lauder Repair Night Cream.
This serum I am practically bathing in. Normally with serums, I would use them sparingly as they are usually so expensive. One of my brides to be (thanks Ciara), gave me my first bottle of this to try and 2 months later I'm now on my third. I am smathering this on my face and neck morning and night and I am really starting to see a difference in how my makeup is sitting.

Time to get the coppers out girls and hit the pound shops..xx

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