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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Penneys P.S. Love Makeup Brush Cleanser

I picked up this little beauty last week, really not expecting to like it but I was so surprised by how good it was.
I am anal about clean brushes and normally use MAC brush cleanser each day or reach for Inglot brush cleanser for spot cleaning between clients. MAC is brilliant, it removes stains and keeps your brushes soft and squeaky clean. Inglot is only good for spot cleaning on jobs as it dries so quickly. I find the Inglot one dries out my brushes. 
This has the best qualities of both of these. It removes stains, my brushes were so soft after it and best of all, they were dry in about two minutes. I know most people don't bother cleaning their own brushes or even know you're supposed to! The germs that live in brushes are nasty and you will get some funky eyes unless you start washing them. This is only €2.50 so you have no excuse now not to clean them..xx

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