Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pippa Palette by Blank Canvas Cosmetics xx

Hey girls,

Today's review is on the very popular Pippa palette with Blank Canvas Cosmetics. I'm a little bit obsessed with Pippa, and follow her blog religiously and I was so excited when this came out. I'm a massive fan of Blank Canvas bushes but had never tried their makeup range, so I wasn't too sure what to expect.

I've been using this everyday for two weeks and really wanted to try it out before I reviewed it. My first impression was to be honest, a little bit disappointed. I felt it was so overpriced at €40.00 and I also expected a full sized brush or double ended brush from Blank Canvas to accompany it. The palette itself is a cardboard palette which has six matte eye shadows, a highlighter, a contour powder and a blush. First impressions again of the quality of the products was it was nice. The texture of the shadows are nothing as smooth as for eg. Urban Decay, they feel like the Crown Palette shadows.

But as the days went by I found myself loving this more and more. Where this palette shines is the colours and tones, especially the eye shadows. I think if I was to create my own palette these would be the colours I would choose. You really can create any look with it.  I love the personal aspect to this palette, how she has incorporated her life into the palette. All of the shades are named after people and pets in her life. It has really grown on me. I have tried them with and without an eye primer and I find they definitely need a primer. The only shade I cant get to work is Ollie, I wish it was a little deeper.
    The blush and contour shades are great for any pale people out there, but maybe too light if you have an olive or golden skin tone. It really would be a perfect palette if you have Pippa's colouring, if you are a blonde or for example a NC30/ NW25 or lower in MAC.

The highlighter, which is named after her mum is a gorgeous golden shade, which needs to be applied with a light hand. This is also great on the inner tear duct.

Overall, this is a cute palette which has taken pride and place in my makeup bag. Hat's off to Blank Canvas and Pippa for creating such a handy versatile palette.

Hope this helps.

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