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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whats the best eyeshadow for you..???
Best colours for:
Blue Eyes:

: Browns, greys, golds, rusty peaches or plum colours. Use colours 2 shades darker than your eye colour.

Good MAC colours for blue eyes......

Naked Lunch all over the lid (this is a pinky champagne colour).
I'd use Twinks ( a deep plum brown) or Sable which is great in your outer V or crease. I'd use Vanilla as a highlight. For a black smokey look I'd use Black Tied or Typographic.
For a smokey eye with colour I like Humid or Sketch as greens and purple which make blue eyes pop.

Brown Eyes:

: Purples,pinks, blues, greys, golds and browns. This is really one of the best eyecolours as you can get away with most colours.

Good MAC colours for Brown Eyes:

I love All that Glitters on the lid, then Mac Expresso in the crease. (Mac Expresso us a good matt brown shade. You can use it as a liner, shadow and brow filler).
For night you can go for a very strong smokey purple or blue eye. I love woodwinked all over lid then blended out, and also on the lower lash line, Expresso in the crease and along lower lash line also.

Green Eyes:

: Gold, dark greens,purples, peach, bronze, lilacs and medium pinks.

Good MAC colours for Green Eyes:
Amber Lights all over the lid and star violet in the crease. Good purple colours are, Trax, Nocturnelle and Star Violet. Good Brown/ Gold colours are wookwinked, Satin Taupe, Antiqued and coppering.

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