Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to Spot Fake MAC Cosmetic Brush Sets

Alot of people have been asking me about getting MAC Brush sets either online or off people selling from stands. These are all completely fake. Especially the makeup....some of these products can be quiet dangerous as they haven't been tested on anyone..either human or animals. I've bought fake eye shadows and pencils when I was starting off doing making and burnt the bloody eyes of myself......
The only retailer licenced to sell MAC in Ireland is Brown Thomas and I wouldn't buy from anyone else..Here's a guide I found online on how to spot Fake Mac Brushes......If any of ya are thinking of buying brushes online...send me the link and I'll check it out for you and would know straight away if they are fake..

This guide will help you spot counterfeit or fake MAC makeup brushes. Keep in mind that 99% of the MAC full-size brush sets sold on ebay or on wholesale websites are fake.


Authentic MAC brushes and brush sets come in clear plastic sleeves with a bar code printed on the sleeve. Many of the fake cosmetic brushes come in clear plastic but without the bar code. In addition, many fake cosmetic brushes come with additional hard plastic protectors for the hairs. Real MAC cosmetic brushes do not have this additional plastic protector. They come in the simple clear plastic sleeves with bar code.


Real MAC brushes come with black wooden handles and the neck (the part that connects the handle to the hair) is silver. I've seen some bad fake brushes with black plastic necks.

Logo and Lettering

Authentic MAC brushes are labeled "MAC ###". ### being the number of the brush. On real brushes, the lettering is printed on the handle and easily rubes off with your nail. On most FAKE brushes, the lettering is engraved into the handle and very hard to rub off. Try it.
Brush Sets

Keep in mind that MAC has never offered a set of full sized makeup brushes in there stores and if they did you would be looking at about 500.00euro plus for 28 euro. Therefore, 99% of the brand new full size MAC brush sets on are FAKE.
Travel Size Brushes

MAC does make many travel size brush sets with brush numbers ending in SE. *UPDATED* - Authentic travel brush sets usually come in sets of 5 brushes with a cute brush case, the brush handles are usually some unique color, not black.


50.00euro for a set of new and authentic MAC full size brushes? That's too good of a deal to be true!! The best way to avoid buying fake brushes on Ebay is to buy brushes one at a time, instead of in a set.
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  1. Hi I found this set for sell in my local area and would really like to know if they are fake, let me know thanks.

    Heres the link:

    Email me:

  2. hey Sara...these are 100% fake..i bought the exact brush set off ebay and most of them broke the first time i washed them...the scary thing was one stained my face with black stay away and get a Sigma brush set or the real technique brush sets..they are the ones I'd only recommend outside of buying directly from MAC...

  3. Hiya, I wish i read this before i purchased these from ebay today. Reading your post, i think i may have been a victim lol. Have a look at this set and see what you think.

    Thank you. :)

  4. Hi, let me know if these are fake please.