Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review - Maybelline Cream Liner

Howdy... I have meant to do a review on this pot of lovliness for a while. It's one of the newest addition to my steadily growing collection of gel liners.

I absolutely love this eyeliner. I have been using it for about three months. I have it in Blackest Black, and Brown. You also get a free brush for applying it but it kinda sucks as an eyeliner brush. I use the brush with the brown shade for me lovely non-existent eyebrows. The texture is creamy & dries fast, to me this goes on like a dream and best of all its long lasting. I've also tried this on my water line and I get a good 2 or 3 hours out of it..
When I bought it it was on offer for 11 euros in Boots...It's definitely worth the money and for someone that isn't that confident with putting on eyeliner I find this one is smooth and one of the easier liners to work with....xx


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