Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bridal and Event Masterclass with Derrick Carberry

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to show ye a few pictures from a Bridal and Event Master class I attended last week with the amazing Derrick Carberry. It was a one day event,  held in the Peter Marks Style Club in Dublin. I loved it. There was only 6 of us on the course which was fantastic, as we got to have so much time with Derrick. He went through 2 looks throughout the day.
 Both looks went from a natural look, right up to a more dramatic look. It was such a relaxing day and I can honestly say it has helped my technique and understanding of make up. Derrick himself is so approachable and helpful and it was so fascinating to watch him work. His technique is just amazing. I would 100% recommend this course for someone looking for a refresher course in makeup or even for a bride hoping to do her own makeup.
 Time to start saving for my next course with him.
Checkout the pics below..x