Monday, May 13, 2013

My 2 beauty favourite bargains.x

Hey peoples,

I was going through my make up bag and I realised that I'm reaching for some cheaper brands to use in my everyday make up routine.
The quality has improved so much in drugstore brands and is sometimes as good, if not better than high end brands. Most people cannot afford to splash out on make up so I wanted to show you these beauties that won't break the bank.
These 2 products are must haves for moi..

No 1:
 Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent 001 cost €6:99

What I love about this, is that it keeps oils at bay for about 4-5 hours but it doesn't fully mattify the skin. It still lets some of the dewiness of the skin through. Some powders feel like you have a mask on but this is so light on and really does its job. Also this doesn't cake on the skin. I find it so like MAC Blot Powder. I have it in the shade Transparent 001 and would be a universal shade for all skin shades. I really want to try the other shades in this range.
The only downside to this product is that the packaging is bad. The lid is really flimsy and its a cheap plastic cover so if its left loose in your handbag, it probably will go everywhere.
I have gone through my second one of these, the first one was going so well until I stood on it one night after a whole lot of vodkas.

No 2:
Essence Sun Club Bronzer €3.49

This comes in 2 shades, one for Brunettes (dark skin tone) or one for Blondes (light skin tone)I'm always stopping by Essence when I go to Penney's and picking up some of their products to try out and I have picked up a good few products that are just downright brilliant for the price. This is a steal at €3.49 and is bloody huge. I bought this in the shade 02 Brunette.  
What I love about this, is that its matte. It goes on so smooth and doesn't give a dirty look, that a lot of cheaper bronzers can give. It has a lovely golden colour and works brilliantly on the body also.  I have this in my bag, my kit and my car, just in 

The only downside for some people is the smell. It smells of coconuts. I personally love it but I know a lot of people hate that smell. It reminds me of summer holidays... 


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