Sunday, January 19, 2014

My 3 Favourite Eyeliners

Hey girls, I am always being asked to recommend my favourite products. I will go through them all eventually but to start here is a list of my favourite 3 eyeliners: pencil, liquid and gel.


Starting with pencil my favourite of all time is MAC's Eye Kohl in Smoulder. I love it because its really soft, it has great power and a really strong black colour. It's a bit on the pricey side at just under €20 but lasts forever. It also acts great as an eye base under pigments or glitter. I just draw it all over the lid then smudge it out and then press the glitter or pigment onto it. - Nice quick and easy party look.
This also is a great eye pencil for contact lens wearers.
P.S If you are one of those people whose under eye make or eyeliner tends to always smudge bad under your eyes I would advise to stay away from this...xx


- Catrice Liquid liner
What I love about this is that it has a felt tip brush which allows you to get a precise line. You can really control the nib. I hate those really thin brushes that normally come with some liquid liners.
Also the product itself doesn't dry too fast, so gives you just enough time to perfect that flick. It gives a dark black line that doesn't fade. I have this one the regular one and also in the waterproof version. The regular one would run in rain or if you were sweating and the waterproof one is budge proof for anyone with sweaty Betty eyelids. This is a great starting product if your starting out using liquid liner. I would say if you have sensitive eyes this might irritate. I find at night if I've been wearing it all day my eyes feel sore- yet I still wear it!! 


Last but not least - Inglot Cream Liner.
This beauty makes my job as a makeup artist easier. I have tried them all and this one wins hands down. It is such a smooth, brilliant product. It lets you create a beautiful black line. It doesn't feel dry or cakey on your lid. I use this blended out on the lid under glitter and pigments. It drys quiet fast though so I wouldn't hang around if fixing mistakes. You can also use this on for tight lining and in the waterline. I can get away with this wearing contacts as long as I let it dry. This has made my bridal kit and one for my own makeup kit. I have this in a few colours. The brown is fab to use in the brows. 

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