Thursday, December 2, 2010

My 2 winter skin saviours....

The one thing I hate about this cold weather,is what it does to your skin.For me the worst parts are sore chapped lips, nails splitting and overall skin feeling tight. Here are 2 of my favourite winter saviours.....

Bepanthen - or as I like to call it "the arse cream" is the best lipbalm for chapped sore lips - ...this is fab on the lips, it takes the stingy sore feeling off them straight's also great for cuticles..I also use it in poor danny boys snotty nose to stop it getting sore. If you have very dry skin like on your elbows or  heels, this really works..especially before putting on tan.

Bio Oil....I love this for a treat for my face once a week..My skin feels horrible at the minute, this is because I'm going from a heated office to minus 7 and then home to a big fire. I'm getting dry patches and my skin feels tight. I put this on all over my face, one night at the weekend and then let it soak in...your face feels and looks moisturised afterwards.....Be warned you do look like a grease monkey for the night but its worth it.

The poor hubby, between arse cream on my mouth and a big greasy head he'll be traumatised by my beauty regime....xx

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