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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beauty Bargain from Aldi....xx

Sorry I haven't blogged much, I'm a a busy bee with my little monster. His mastered the art of asking questions!!!..Normally I can sit down at the laptop while he has zoned out with peppa pig..but not anymore!!! everything is WHY?????.
I've picked up another cheap and cheerful product from good old Aldi. I dragged myself away from the biccies aisle again (after buying 4 packets of biscuits!!) and wandered to the beauty side. I stocked up on cotton pads, face wipes, cotton buds, even deodorant (David's convinced I'm gonna loose the skin under my,either that or I'm gonna stink!!!..).

I decided this time to try a lip gloss. They come in 5 different shades, gold shimmer, soft shimmer, soft brown, espresso and chocolate.
I bought the pearly pink shade (soft shimmer) which is a nice clear neutral gloss which is great over lipstick.  I also bought soft brown which goes a nice nude shade when applied. Overall they are nice lip glosses, which lasted longer than some of the more expensive brands I've bought. It isn't sticky and glides on smoothly. It's small enough to stick in your pocket and handy to use for a quick application before you get out of the car. For 2.49euro you can't go wrong.

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