Wednesday, January 5, 2011


False lashes are everywhere at the minute. No amount of mascara will ever give you the dramatic effect of false lashes, you can completely change your appearance and your eye shape. Bear in mind when choosing the length of your lashes, for e.g., if you haven't got much space between your lash line and your brow bone, you won't want them too long because you can almost look clownish.

There are so many different types out there and so far these would be my favourite....
From the Girls Aloud Collection.....Nicola lashes -these are really long in the corners which is great to create a winged out, almost cat-eye look.
Kimberly Lashes - These give great big lashes...good volume and length - I find the rest of the lashes are just  too big and obvious...
From the Sex in the City ones, I love the Samantha ones- these give great volume....
Ardell Lashes from Boots....I have to say..i love most of there lashes...if I had to choose, id pick the 117's and demi pixies.

My favourite online brand are from a are so delicate and very like the MAC lashes - but half the cost. I've bought all of these and always carry them in my kit. See a link below for a youtube video explaining each of there lashes.....
For me personally on clients, I tend to use individual lashes and build up a look suited to each client or occasion. I can't do these on myself - I'd have them stuck everywhere!!!!!
A great way to check if you have used the right lashes is, when they are on, look straight up, hold a mirror underneath to check that the false lashes blend with yours, and there are no gaps. Also remember, the glue must be dry if your applying mascara afterwards, because the slightest tension can pull the lash off.
Most eyelashes are sold with a complimentary lash glue, but I would recommend you invest in a tube of Duo Lash Glue. This is a surgical glue - great for even sensitive eyes, waterproof and sticks great. I find the complimentary glue is doesn't stick very well.

There's nothing worse than seeing pictures on facebook and you've only lashes on one eye!! and there you were thinking you were gorgeous

Do's and Don't with Lashes.....
: Use too much the glue won't dry and it can seep into your eyes...
: Use lashes too heavy for you natural lashes to hold---this can make you look older
: Trim lashes after you've applied them - your guaranteed to cut your own lashes(I've done this loads of times)

: After you peel the lashes of the packet, move them around to soften up the strip.
: Curl your lashes before you apply false lashes - if you try it afterwards you can pull them off..
: Always wait about a minute for the glue to go tacky on the lash before you apply it..
: Always run a line of liner along your lash line before as a guideline and also after so you cant see the glue....

Quote - Remember that lashes are like shoes - you need to fit them, some will be too long, short or heavy - Rae Morris....x


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