Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is a step many people either forget or get completely wrong. By highlighting the right parts of the face you can create a more youthful glowing appearance. The best places to highlight are as follows:

:Upper cheekbone /browbone - Just apply a hint of highlight on the upper cheekbone and the outer part of your brow bone. If you have alot of lines go very very lightly as this will emphasise them. Don't put too much on the brow bone, too much will make you look older. I always just apply on the outer part of the brow bone.
:Centre of the nose - This really suits anyone with dry skin, definitely avoid if you get an oily t-zone

:Centre of the forehead - This gives a more youthful look. Avoid this area if you have oily skin

:Inner eye - This is suitable for everyone, it instantly opens up the eyes and makes you look more awake

:Cupids bow - Apply highlight just at the centre of your top lip.this instantly makes you lips look fuller. Don't apply highlight to the cupids bow unless its hair don't want to draw attention to a ronnie!!!

Best highlight colour for you.......
For pale skin tones - Use sheer eggshell colours
For medium skin tones  - Use golds and rose golds
For Dark skin tones - Use deep golds and bronzes
For black skin types - Use burgandies and dark shimmery chocolates

Some of my favourite highlighters and what I use in my kit are....

Mac - Pearl

Dior Amber Diamonds

Benefit High Beam and Moon Beam

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