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Monday, March 21, 2011

My favourite Brow Pencil...

Thick brows are a big trend at the minute, so if yours are thin or you've overplucked like me, then MAC Brow Pencils are the way forward. They are 16.50 each and are the only brow pencils I would really recommend. Some eyebrow pencils are too waxy and hard, which makes them painful to apply, but this one is great. Always easy to apply, always sharp, nice and thin packaging and lasts forever.

The three colours I have in my kit and always use are:

Fling - For Blondes

Lingering - Mid Brown

Spiked - Dark Brown

I use Spiked to create the shape and then fill in with Lingering. The joys of having no eyebrows...
Laters xxx

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