Monday, July 4, 2011

My Top 10 Festival Must have Beauty Products......

For all ye people that have a social life and will get to a festival this year , here is a list of what I would bring with me if I was going...God I'm a saddo....While ye're all rocking out I'll be dragging a child I'm trying to potty train around tesco probably smelling a little bit of stale!!!  Here we go.....(just remember don't take anything too expensive with you as you can be guranteed you'll loose them)

No 1. Aldi Face Wipes - cant say enough about these...they are just cheap as chips, really moisturising and really take off the slap...
No. 2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20...this is great as it gives really nice coverage and has an SPF of 20. Its gives a dewy finish to the skin...luv this..
No. 3. Avon Supershock Liner ...this is brill for a budge proof liner...its so soft you can just smudge it out with your finger to create a messy grungy smokey eye, perfect for a festival.
No. 4:  Black Mascara - Any one really, as long as its waterproof....
No. 5: Benefit Posie Tint - There is no better way to wake up tired skin than with a rosey glow to the cheeks and lips. Posie Tint gives a lovely subtle pop of colour, making you look fresh ang glowing....and it lasts all day.
No. 6: Concealer - Lacura Eye Concealer Pen...perfect to hide the bags...
No. 7: Dry Shampoo - There are loads of these on the market. I love the Tres Semme Spray. You just spray it at the roots, wait a minute and then massage into the roots. It gives instant volume and takes the manky greasy look off you straight away.
No 8.  Pink Body Spray - this is a handy alternative to bringing perfume....its lightly scented and is not too overpowering..these are really handy to keep in your handbag
No 9. Bronzer. .. 2 True All Over Bronzing Powder...This is a brill cheap bronzer that you can throw in your  handbag and not worry about...its only 2.99euro..Its a lovely matt brown that is perfect for face and body.xx
No. 10...Nail fave at the moment is NYC Expert Last Nail Polish...the colour I'm loving is Permanent Pink....The are only 1.99euro and they last for days without chipping...xx

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