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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

This product is definitely one product I need. This is 8 hours sleep in a handy tube! I use this on clients that need to brighten their skin or I find its brilliant if you've had a bad night(or a hangover), and it works wonders. Beauty Flash Balm is a great product to use as a primer underneath foundation. It smooths out the skin and makes it more radiant and fresh. I keep it for special occasions like if I'm going to a wedding or a night out...x
The secret to getting a good finish with this is all in the application.When your applying the Balm you're trying to spread it out (like butter on toast) don't rub in in. Put a thin layer on the skin (you don't want it in your skin, you want it on your skin)

Immediately apply your foundation using the same method. You're not 'rubbing your foundation in' you're trying to spread it out so you won't ruin the Balm effect.

Long-winded but it works It's hard to describe the effect it has. It just seems to enhance your complexion by balancing out any unevenness and makes skin look more luminous. You could wear this alone if you are feeling a bit lazy and fancy a makeup free day. The only downside of that is that it contains no SPF and the hefty price tag but then again a little goes a long way.

p.s. Its great if you want to touch up your foundation during the day as well, apply the Beauty Flash Balm over your face (no need to cleanse foundation first) and then apply fresh layer of foundation. It gives my skin a glow and the foundation glides on.

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