Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eye Liner Pencil colours to suit your eyes…xx

A lot of people don’t realise the effect you can get by lining the waterline of the eye(either the upper and lower waterline, or both). This is called tight lining, where you would run the liner along the inner rim of the upper and lower lashes. It’s a horrible feeling the first few times, but you get used to it. I always line the upper waterline in either black or dark brown.The really darkens the upper lash line and makes the lashes look thicker. I then would line the lower waterline in a different colour as I find this really finishes off an eyeshadow look and can make the colour of your eyes pop. For each eye colour (blue, green, brown, grey) there are liner colours that will bring out the colour and make your eyes look stunning.

If you have BLUE eyes:

The best liner colour that will compliment your blue eyes are Warm Browns and Taupe or good old black.

If you have GREEN eyes:
Liners that will compliment you are: Red-Browns, Taupes and Purples. Purples especially are perfect as they really bring out the green in your eyes!

If you have BROWN eyes:
Liners that will compliment you are: Rich Brown, Charcoal, Taupe and Purple.

If you have GREY eyes:
Liners that will compliment you are: Charcoal and Deep Brown

Hope this helps...xx

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