Friday, October 1, 2010

My Top 5 MAC Brushes...x

A few people have asked me to recommend some good MAC brushes, that would be great for a beginner. It’s quiet daunting to go in to Brown Thomas, not having a clue and these gorgeous perfectly made up girls are handing you these tiny brushes that cost nearly 40-50 euro each. If you going to invest in these you should really choose the ones that really will work for you. These are very good quality brushes, that generally most beauticians and make up artists would have in their kit.

:No1. MAC 217

If you were only ever to buy one MAC brush, I would recommend this brush. It's a makeup bag essential. It's brilliant for putting on a wash of colour, or for just blending.

:No. 2 MAC 266

This is a small angled brush, that is brilliant for applying eyeliner, or alternatively for doing brows. I have very thin brows, and this brush is my lifesaver.

:No. 3 MAC 224

This a tapered blending brush. I use this to lightly blend out shadow. What I really love to use this brush as, is as a concealer brush. It really buffs the product into the skin, and is brilliant for under the eye area.

:No. 4 MAC 190

This brush is best suited to applying liquid foundations. It leaves no "ugly streak" marks that I've found you get from cheaper foundation brushes and the synthetic fibres ensure that no product is absorbed by the bristles. Overall it gives a beautiful coverage and an even application.

:No. 5 MAC 168

I love this brush, it is incredibly soft and angled for contour(under cheekbone and jawbone) and also for the application of blush.The bristles are super soft and densely packed. It applies and blends products perfectly and effortlessly and never sheds.

........ Things about MAC brushes....xx
:Regular full-size MAC brushes are hand-made.
:Special edition brushes made by MAC that come in those cute lil travel cases are machine made.
:MAC uses a sequence of 1, 2 and 3 to name their brushes. Face brushes begin with #1, eye brushes with #2, and lip brushes #3.
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